Israeli Au Pairs from Au Pair in America



By Eileen DiBlasio — @ New York Jewish Parenting

Managing a work and family balance often takes added assistance in the juggling act of raising children. For many families the answer is an au pair. Au Pair in America is the first organization to be designated by the US Government to offer a legal au pair program. Since 1986 they have placed more than 90,000 au pairs with host families in 40 states.

By definition, an au pair is a young international visitor, between the ages of 18 and 26 years of age who is employed to take care of children, perform meal preparation and housework related to the children in exchange for room, board and a stipend. For over 25 years, Au Pair in America has been providing quality live in child care and cultural exchange to families with a high level of support and service year round for each au pair and host family.

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Au Pairs from Israel are often used for many Jewish families . The girls who are applying to the program are looking for warm and supportive families.  They have grown up in a household that is accustomed to sharing in the household chores.  Most of the childcare responsibility in Israel remains with the mother. The applicants available obtain childcare experience through formal schooling, helping raise siblings, baby sitting and scout programs. Physical discipline is forbidden in Israel. Common discipline techniques would include loss of privileges like TV or an early bedtime.

Since English is a compulsory subject in the schools, Israeli au pairs are arriving with a high level of English. Approximately 30 to 40% of young women continue their studies at a University. Many girls also go into the army for national service.

Israeli driving is very good.  In order to get a driver’s license in Israel, one must take a bare minimum of 28 lessons, pass a practical test, a theoretical written test, an eye exam and pay a fee. Once there is a license held for four months an International driving permit is obtainable.

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Arriving from over 60 countries, on a J-1 Cultural Visa, au pairs offer a family flexibility and dependability in the comfort of their own home. Rushing out in early mornings to awake an infant who is going to get dropped off at a baby sitter’s home is not for everyone.  Having multiple children makes a family’s day even harder. The staff at Au Pair in America understands that choosing the best child care for your children is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. At Au Pair in America, we feel it is essential that your child feels safe and secure while you gain an important cultural exchange, says Eileen DiBlasio, Community Relations Representative who has been with the company for over 18 years.  Many parents want their children to be bilingual, Eileen adds, and the constant exposure and reinforcement provided by an au pair are the best ways to immerse children in a second language.  Selecting an au pair that represents family heritage is another plus of the program.

au pair in america

With three program options to meet the varied needs of American families, au pairs can work from 30 to 45 hours a week, stay for one year and extend for an additional year. A team of professionals and local community counselors are the network for your family to have a very affordable and enriching experience.

To learn more about Au Pair in America, call Eileen DiBlasio at (908) 255-4284.