Green Screen Photo Booth for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah…How to choose the right setup!

Green Screen Photo Booth for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah…How to choose the right setup!   

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There has been some tremendous growth with Green Screen photo booth services at Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s over the past few years and we’d love to provide some helpful tips and advice on how to select the right Green screen setup to fit your event needs.

What is Green Screen Photography?  Green Screen photography is the ability to super-impose background images into photos using special Chroma key technology that takes out only the green in the photo, replacing it with your background image.  It’s popular for themed parties, for instance, sports which you can use a football field or soccer stadium as a background and have your subjects appear to be at the location. Or another popular selection is the “Around the World” theme with photos using various destination backgrounds.

What types of Green screen services are there?   There are a few types of options out there at the moment but the most popular include a “Photo studio” like setup which uses a green screen background with the subject standing in front of a camera w/tri-pod.  The other setup is a sit down, “Photo booth” style setup which allows for the subject to sit down in front of a kiosk equipped with a monitor and camera.  Both scenarios allow for the subject to see their “live view” placement in photos and can pick beforehand from various background images that can be provided.

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How do I select the right setup for my special event?  Depending upon how much space you have at your venue, the photo studio setup generally requires a larger area at the venue, approx 10 x10 area.  The Green screen photo booth setup usually needs only about a 5×8 area to work with and is more compatible for a smaller space.  It’s always wise to check in with your venue first about loading instructions and to see where the setup will be arranged and how much space they have to provide.  There is almost always a 6′ skirted table that is provided by venue to be placed next to Green Screen setup for party props and equipment to positioned on for the duration of service.

At the end of the day, your Green Screen photography setup will be a hit at your parties and will offer long lasting memories of your special event.  You can negotiate a package deal or hourly price for your service that can include on-site prints and digital photos. There are also add-ons to consider like scrapbook setup, photo folios and so much more.

Have fun and be sure to share all of your digital Green Screen photos with family and friends on your favorite social networks!

Randy Doran


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